The Flight are a London based production duo who have written and produced for some of the music industry’s biggest names, but are now stepping out of the shadows (although not too far, if the press shot above is anything to go by) with their debut EP, The Hangman. The duo of Alexis Smith and Joe Henson have crafted a concept EP of sorts, based around the tale of a young woman who is tempted from her home and murdered in the woods.

The EP opens with “The Hangman” (premiered recently by Clash), a modern re-telling of the folk song “Pretty Polly,” while the rest of the EP is written from the point of view of the murderer. “What A Waste,” which features a rather excellent secret guest vocalist, is marked out by expansive, moody production which combines shuddering bass and soft melodies with appropriately haunting results.

The Hangman EP is out March 10th, and will be followed by a series of EP’s with guest artists in the lead up to the release of The Flight’s debut album. Listen to “What A Waste,” and watch the morbid, Tim Burton-esque animated video for “The Hangman,” below.