I love songs about cities.  Hearing an artist sing about their favorite place is something that always seems to strike all the right chords within me. Now, when the song happens to be about MY city? Well that’s just magic.

Rilo Kiley is back with a beautiful ode to their city, and mine, Los Angeles. Off their upcoming release of b-sides and archival songs, RKives, Jenny and the boys bring you, “Let Me Back In” (formerly “I Love L.A.”). Lewis’ soothing voice shines as she sings about how no matter how far she strays, L.A. will always open it’s arms to her.

A lot of people hate on L.A.—and trust me I’ve been to enough establishments that solely sell juice to know a lot of your arguments hold merit—but when you catch a glimpse of the sun through the leaves of a palm tree on the PCH it’s hard to hate anything. And Jenny Lewis captures that perfectly. “And when the palm tree’s bow their heads, no matter how cruel I’ve been. L.A., you always let me back in”.