Try as we might (and we really haven’t tried that hard), it’s been impossible for us to shake loose from the iron clad creative grasp of The Melker Project‘s recent mash-ups. Mastermind DJ Scott Melker is nothing if not consistent, continuously proving that he’s technically skilled, highly curious and far from risk adverse.

Last week we had our nips blown off by his pairing of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” with a trio of verses from 2 Chainz to create a track called, “The (2) Chain (Z).” Part of a full EP release known as Skeetwood Mac, the remaining four tracks have now been dished out, and they are just as entertaining as they are intriguing. Stream the rest of the EP below, then jump to The Melker Project’s Facebook page to partake in a “like”-for-download transaction to get your own copy.