It’s not that Jacques Brel is a surprising influence—the Belgian singer/songwriter influenced David Bowie and Leonard Cohen and his songs were performed by Nina Simone, John Denver, and Frank Sinatra—but he’s not the kind of reference you expect from an electronic rocker who also compares himself to The xx and Foster the People. Maybe that’s why “Wait For Help” sounds so interesting.

Stylistically, the track fits in with a lot of the modern, electronically shaped indie rock, but there are some subtle touches that make all the difference. Like, those notes he’s hitting when he says “so long” just aren’t the kind of notes you hear much in modern indie, and those two notes make a big difference.

Belgian Fog is Robert Dale, who records, mixes, and masters from a home studio. On his new project: “There are lots of contemporary producers and bands/influences that sneak in, but my main influence for this project is the Flemish songwriter from Jacques Brel, who was able to communicate ideas through realistic characters and beautifully painful lyrics.”