For the past couple of years, we’ve seen┬ámulti-instrumentalist Conner Youngblood continue to expand on his lush, layered soundscapes. When you hear “Vegas” you might think flashing lights, high energy, and a frantic pace. For “Vegas,” Conner brings a very different vibe to the table. With slow and deliberate drums marching forward and guitar and piano flirting in the background, Conner’s airy vocals take center stage. The song feels like it’s building towards a breaking point, but instead of completely losing itself, the song swells and then retreats.

From Conner:

“I know its been a while, but decided to put something new out today. Song’s called ‘Vegas’ and as usual I’m trying something new out sonically with the electric guitars and shit, but I think it works out fine. Maybe I’ll do my next song entirely with an orchestra of accordions and bagpipes.”