Danny Brown Hottest

There’s been a lot of online chatter these past few days surrounding MTV’s annual “Hottest MC” list. As the countdown continues, certain artists have started voicing their opinion on the rankings, most of which has not been favorable. Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, who have already been revealed on the list at #7 and #8 respectively, each made radio appearances yesterday to discuss their positions.

Danny Brown on the other hand has decided to take a much more proactive approach. Rather than waiting to see if he appears in one of the final four remaining spots, the Detroit emcee hit Twitter this morning to state, “Fuck a top 10 list … n*gga im the Greatest Rapper Ever >>>>>” and then dropped this one-off cut simply titled, “#HottestMC.”

This Harry Fraud-produced track is a monster and on it Brown makes a very convincing case as to why he deserves top-notch positioning. Catch this new hot fire below and be on the lookout for Danny’s next album, Old, coming later this year on Fool’s Gold.