That didn’t take long. Earlier this afternoon, Danny Brown talked about how crazy his new track “Kush Coma” is. Obviously fans wanted to hear, and Danny let them know, “Shit if it was up to me I’d put that shit out right now … But obviously it’s not … Lol imma fuck around and leak my own album hahahahaa.”

Unfortunately, Danny Brown didn’t leak his own album (yet), but he did say that he’d put out the track if fans got #KushComa to trend. Fans reacted, #KushComa became a trending topic within 20 minutes, and true to his word, Danny delivered. Also true to his word, Danny delivered some off-the-wall shit.

“Kush Coma” is heavy on the bass, aggressive with the rapid thump percussion, and filled with cascading synths and skittering hi-hats. The production is busy enough to cause a head rush, but with his wild delivery, Danny has no problem handling it.

Old is coming mid-August, and when you hear the album version of this one, it will feature A$AP Rocky.