Right on for the darkness.

As a follow up to the similarly titled and equally brief “track 1,” Chicago’s Ibn Inglor fires off another blast of dark matter from the depths of his home, a concentrated reflection of the pall that hangs over one of America’s most violent cities.

It’s intriguing to hold Ibn’s music up next to that of a Chief Keef or Lil Reese. Ostensibly, both are responses—whether conscious, subconscious, or some amalgam of the two that manifests itself in a sort of inescapable awareness of conditions—to the cold brutality and ongoing conflict in the heart of the United States. Where Keef and his GBE crew react with equally cold, vicious music, Ibn plumbs murky depths, making music that could easily be written off as trend-baiting (it bears much in common sonically with some cloud-hop) but packs tremendous anger, contemplation, and spirituality.

In short: Chicago hosts one of America’s most interesting music scenes at the moment, and you should be paying attention. Listen to “track 2” below.