So on Monday I got the flu and that’s weird because I acted responsibly and got a flu shot this year even though that’s not really my style. All week I’ve been fever dreaming and coughing up mucus and getting weird aches in my bones and thinking, “Yeah, this is it. I’m dying.”  I drafted up my goodbye post to P&P then deleted it because I don’t want the other P&P writers to see it and think I’m being crazy or whatever. I try to act like a normal person so I can set a good example, meanwhile I am spending the majority of my time staring in the mirror mouthing the words “FE-VER-DREEM” and yesterday I was doing that for a few minutes when the lightbulb in my bathroom burnt out and then hours passed and my bathroom’s a mess and I’m not sure what happened.

You could say I’m in a pretty bad slump.

And then today Khal The God aka DAD sent me a link and when Khal sends links I pay attention because he knows I fuck with animals and Lykke Li heavily and care about very little else. Lo and behold, THIS.

And I’m not saying this cured me or that I’m not going to go back to staring in the mirror as soon as this post goes up, but I feel better, like the world is finally catching up to whatever strange shitstorm is brewing my rotting, diseased brain.

Here is Mr. Mitch’s “Catford.”