With his forthcoming No Vacation for Murder album on the way (which features Roc Marciano, Open Mike Eagle, The Kid Daytona, and Camp Lo’s Geechie Suede), the noir-hop don Zilla Rocca has linked up with The Shadowboxers (featuring producer Blurry Drones, Chicago’s Alex Ludovico, and Wrecking Crew associates Curly Castro, Has-Lo, and Small Professor) for the first release since the 2010 EPĀ Broken Clocks. And guess who got the premiere?

They came bearing gifts as well; “We Got Fangs This Year” is the illest posse cut devoted to Walter White, a bonafide Beatles cover with “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” and some stand-out cuts you might need to get aligned with, namely the title track and Ludovico’s “Weaker Stomach,” taken from his Winning/Losing project. Small Professor provides a “We Got Fangs This Year” remix, while Zilla puts his own spin on “Weak Stomach.” Pair those with the one-two punch of Castro and Blurry Drones’ “Blood on Blood Converse” and Has-Lo’s brilliant “Stay Clean” remix, and you’ve got the ultimate re-introduction to Zilla’s graphically novel approach to this thing called rap.

Enjoy the video for the “Weak Stomach” remix (featuring Castro) up above, stream the EP down bottom. You can grab this and a number of other dope projects over on threedollarpistol.com.