Lakutis might have had his break-out through features on Das Racist’ second mixtape Sit Down, Man, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this Queens/Russian rapper is onto his own brand of compelling, incisive rap. This is his first new single release in a while, although his latest feature on Kitty‘s “Ay Shawty” in which he plays a hard-to-get calloused love interest almost surpassed the Floridian 19-year-old’s own saccharine self-admissions.

“Too Ill For the Law” surpasses that though, premiering complete with a video directed by Ashok Kondabolu (aka Dapwell, who also cameos in the clip) and Shomi Patwary on MTVDesi today. The video has the gold toothed New York MC involved in the typical illict affairs—smoking, drinking and gun-waving, setting money on fire—wait setting money on fire? He may be too ill for the law but this feels unwise for any musician given the current state of the market. It’s also highly illegal!

Guess he wasn’t kidding in the chorus. My favorite line though “drink a gun butt / with a bullet chaser” speaks to the deeper anti-authority message of the song and equates violence and alcohol in one of his typically jarring, unexpected metaphors. Watch for cameos from not just Dapwell but HeemsDespot and DVS as well. There’s also promises that Greedhead will release new projects from Lakutis sometime this summer so stay tuned.