The best songs are usually ones that sound remarkably new or strangely familiar. “Peaks” is the kind of song that, even on first listen, sounds like something you’ve heard before. That’s not to say that it sounds like some other song that already exists—it doesn’t; it just feels like a melody that’s been balancing on the tip of your tongue forever, and SPEAK did you the satisfying favor of recording it.

SPEAK is from Austin, Texas and they’ve been together as a band since 2008. They did the major label thing then decided to go indie and take control back, but their experience is evident in the polished sound and strong songwriting. They’re aiming to finish a new album by the end of the summer.

As far as “Peaks” goes, lead singer Troupe Gammage explains, “I started it on my laptop in the van while we were on tour last March.  We were driving through the Rockies and I was essentially just trying to capture the musical landscape of being on top of a mountain so I called the file ‘Peaks.’  As I started developing lyrics for it I realized the title was pretty appropriate so it stuck.”

SPEAK will be touring with Ra Ra Riot for a short while, then rolling out new music, videos, and a video game in the next couple months. Check out more at their official website.