Deafkid–a two piece outfit consisting of Flo Sauvaire and Chris Lockington, former members of Ghostpoet‘s backing band–compares themselves to recent Brit-rock darlings Alt-J. The comparison isn’t inaccurate–both blend genres, sounds, and influences in ways that often make it difficult to decipher where seams between styles lie–but it seems to sell Deafkid’s particular brand of experimentation a bit short.

New single “Vigilante” culls Carribbean inflections, funky basslines, echo-washed guitars, and kinetic drums into a stew that feels full without overflowing into an unruly mess. It’s harder and less manicured than anything in Alt-J’s catalog, a testament to blurred lines and strange musical bedmates making for satisfying listening. And it clocks in just under three minutes. Quite the whirlwind.