IG88 takes the immediacy out of K.Flay‘s catchiest song and laces it with a skeletal beat. The new backdrop sucks a little life out of the bounce behind “The Cops,” but with a song like this, that makes sense. From IG88’s SoundCloud description:

“In an odd combination of inspiration and shame, IG88 felt compelled to remix ‘The Cops’ by K. Flay when we found himself relating to the villainous male character in the song. The 25 year old Seattle based producer met K Flay when opening up for her at a show in Washington. They stayed in contact with one another through a series of unconventional tweets and shared music. When IG88 heard “The Cops” he was immediately struck by the the song’s passionate content, and resonated with it’s strange relevancy to his current situation. He had to put his own twist on it. Aside from applying his signature style of lush soundscapes and hard hitting percussion, IG88 took a field recording inside a busy restaurant and inserted it in the middle of the song to convey the awkward, silent tension between two emotionally exhausted lovers.”

Hear the original below: