It’s difficult to listen to anything blatantly disco-inspired without feeling cheesy, and unless you’re from the era in which it flourished, you may be left feeling like a fraud. While many acts have attempted in channeling that dazzling, funky, bass-guided sound, most of them end up producing music that seems forced, as if they’ve missed the entire ideology behind the carefree ways of the Me decade.

Enter Melbourne-based band Clubfeet, who’s premiering “Cape Town” on Pigeons & Planes today. It’s got a bassline that would make your parents blush, and when that’s paired with shimmering synths, bouncing percussion, and hazy, soaring vocals, the band’s ultimately crafted an addicting piece of disco pop that’s not only accessible for the non-believers, but also something that will stick with listeners for days to come. Listen to “Cape Town” below.