I haven’t heard something I was this excited about for a long time. Minneapolis-based producer Psymun sent over his album today and this song “Flight” featuring the sensual, stretched-out vocals of K.Raydio (Krysta Rayford) grabbed me from the very first second. The sounds are as smooth and dreamy as Friendzone production, but with more interesting undulations and spirals of sound, possibly because the project this track is on, SSV3 aka Serious Sauce Volume 3 is a collaboration between Psymun and St. Paul beatmaker Damacha.

It’s incredible the way that K.Raydio’s voice luxuriates in the sonics of the track though, her vocals fit into the grooves and swells of the foundational synths and slow, steady beat with an ease that’s rare to find in a vocalist. Drawing heavily on the soul and R&B stylings of the past, she updates her sound with pop-like phrasings and rhythms that add drama and tension to the love-hungry song. Stream the bedroom-ready offering below and listen to the rest of SSV3 at their bandcamp page or buy it through MJ MJ records on limited cassette for the doomsday price of $6.66. This is seriously some incredible stuff, who said there’s nothing interesting in the Midwest? Stream and download the track below.