Though the sound of New York rap has deviated from its roots to the point that regionalism almost feels meaningless when describing songs by New York acts; a lot of music that does tout its New York roots ends up sounding stale and derivative.

Harlem Boog’s “Gangsta Shit” could very easily have fallen into the traps of his hometown’s occasionally tired revivalism, but due to a combination of loose charm and a sparse beat that sounds ripped from a late night TV whodunnit? (courtesy of producer MONEYDVNCE), the song succeeds. “Gangsta Shit” sits squarely in the vein Roc Marciano has mined with great results over the past few years, serious but never too serious (shout outs to sushi, salads without dressing, King Koopa, and not having “a fear in over ten years”), finding inspiration in the past without ever getting stuck in it. Check it out below.