Lorde, New Zealand’s 16-year-old pop star, is back with a new track entitled “Tennis Court” that will be on a forthcoming EP of the same name. The Tennis Court EP will be out digitally in the UK  on June 10 through Virgin, and it’s her first release since the success of her debut EP The Love Club. Virgin is also set to release it as a 10″ on July 22, but again, these might be UK only releases. It also looks like Lorde’s new photo was shot at a Tennis court, a small marker of consistency that is another piece in her flawless image. Her new song fits in well with the sonic aesthetic from her previous record but builds on the electronic production with some screwed elements and ’80s-styled synths.

The same brutal honesty and openness inhabits her lyrics, an especially poignant line addresses her first time on a flying: “Pretty soon I’ll be getting on my first plane / I’ll see the veins of my city like they do in space.” Quick reminder that Lorde’s been championed by everyone from Grimes to Perez Hilton, she crosses genre and age barriers without a thought—that’s what makes a truly spectacular pop star. Stream the track below, check out her old EP here, watch the video for “Royals” and look for the new EP later this summer.