Fashion was the link that brought Adam Bozzetto and Barney Hodgson of Wordlife together with Daniel Merriweather. A mutual friend, Pete Le Chic of the Melbourne-based clothing label For The Homies introduced the trio, who quickly realized their interests were too closely aligned not to work together on something musically. The new collaboration allowed both parties to go in a new direction than their previous work. The first release from their partnership, “Breathe,” features looming digital sounds and web of synths that serve as the foundation for Merriweather’s powerful R&B-infused vocals.

“It was just good to do something with no real strings attached,” Daniel explains. “We didn’t really have a ‘sound’ we were going for or ‘plan’—we just wanted to make some music we all liked and wanted to listen to.”

“Breathe” is the first of three songs to be released from the collaboration.