Lionlimb are a Chicago based duo composed of Stewart Bronaugh and Josh Jaeger whose blurry, dreamy rock is laced with Southern and Midwest tones. “Rot” is the second single off their debut EP of the same name, which was recorded in the Carolina Hills by Nashville’s Robin Eaton. Heavy bass lines meld into guitar solos that luxuriate in notes the way that usually only a saxophone can, and drawled out vocal lines manage to convey both urgency and laziness in a cyclical chorus begging the lonely question “Who are you trying to keep me from?”

There’s a synth line in the song that sounds like the reedy wailings of a flute, and an organ line that’s ’70s nostalgia wrapped in tinfoil and crackled through a wormhole from the past. Warbles and riffs aside, “Rot” not only stays afloat, but it’s a blissed out guitar track that to wades out into deep water. Look for the Rot EP out later this summer and stream the second single below.