The High Wire is a London-based group that consists of Tim Crompton, Ross Forrest, and Alexia Hagen.

They cite ’60s Motown, T Rex, New Order, and Gorillaz as a few of their influences, but on “LNOE,” traces of these influences blend into something much different. They’re readying their third album, and “LNOE” is is our first taste of things to come.

The album was recorded at Coldplay’s Beehive Studio in London during late nights and long weekends, and there’s a crispness and melodic power that drives “LNOE,” something you’d expect coming out of Coldplay’s studio. It’s a song that strikes a chord between anthemic and laid back, with strings and production touches fit for a stadium-mover and a melody that could easily be placed on top of a lone acoustic guitar and hold up just fine.

Listen to “LNOE” below and stay tuned for more from The High Wire.