Thom Yorke and Nigel Goodrich co-hosted a DJ set for KCRW today, casually flipping through Atoms For Peace songs and B-sides that didn’t make it onto the album. One of the rejects is described as an “All I Need” remix, but the two claim they “didn’t really know what to do with it.” The track is called “Honey Pot,” and something tells me they threw this together in 15 minutes and have been letting it marinate on the back burner ever since. Yet another example of the effortless genius that seems to flow out of Yorke and his collaborators, a distinctly Radiohead sound that nevertheless stands alone as something wholly unique.

The track features Yorke’s haunting falsetto and a trip-hop beat that carries the song through some twinkling xylophone and a bass line that nods towards at the timeless piano lick of “All I Need.” Atoms for Peace is about to embark on a summer European tour, with dates in the U.S. to follow in the fall. They’ve been dropping little snippets of rehearsal time on Youtube, and this seems to be just another titillation that should have fans fiending by the time Yorke strolls into town over the next few months. Stream the radio rip below: