Always nice when one discovery leads to something of a well of quality music. Last week, Vicktor Taiwò‘s “Digital Kids” appeared as a breath of beautiful air, cloaked in James Blake-esque electronics and marked by a world-weariness more common of old soul and blues than modern pillow-talk-till-we-fall-asleep-or-pass-out R&B.

On “Castles” (which hit the internet in February), Vicktor’s voice shines through, free of effects, sweet and clear with the slight, smoky depth that gave “Digital Kids” its sense of gravity. Vicktor’s songwriting is perhaps one of his most promising qualities—he begins the song with the arresting lines “Sanity escapes me when I’m with you/just like I want it to,” a simple, deceptively profound encapsulation of burning, perhaps forbidden love. A talent to keep an eye on.