If you take a quick tour through the Soundcloud seas these days, you’ll come across a lot of young producers who subscribe to a more is more philosophy. Across genres–hip-hop, trap, house, future R&B, whatever super-descriptive subgenre tag someone conjures up this week–a tendency often arises towards maximalism. After all, if you’re using Ableton, Logic, Reason, or any number of other programs, the buffet of options and sounds can make it seem like you need to incorporate as much as possible into a beat.

As important as any snare or filter in a producer’s kit, however, is a tool that doesn’t come pre-loaded with Fruity Loops: Restraint. Knowing when to let a beat breathe (and, conversely, when to kick things up a level or two) and when to trust a few well-selected elements is a skill well worth focusing on in early development, but often learned over time through trial and error.

Weekend Money producer Baghdaddy keeps it sparse and open for emcee Ne$$ to do his thing and weave his dense, bouncy flow across clicking percussion, big bass, the occasional squeaky synth. It’s infectious without being overdone, a rare treat. Check it out below.