Music sounds different at 3 in the morning. I stayed up until 4:30 last night, working away while scouring the net for some new music. Your mind opens up in the weird hours of the morning, so maybe that explains my draw towards Mark Kozelek and Jimmy LaValle’s “By The Time I Awoke.”

There’s something about Kozelek’s sobering, straight-forward delivery, reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s more serious work (not to mention Cash’s storytelling abilities), brilliantly conveying a sense of complacency towards life in his voice. It’s exaggerated by Jimmy LaValle’s skeletal, beautiful-yet-empty electronic beat, all coming together for a heartbreaking yet stunning result, and emphasized as I played it repeatedly in the dead of the night. Listen to “By The Time I Awoke,” which appears on Kozelek and LaValle’s collaborative album, Perils From The Sea, below.

(Hilly Dilly)