Admittedly, that headline is bait; in most circumstances I’d feel uncomfortable running it. In the case of DooF, I’ll take the risk of the post being written off as typical web provocation. A few reasons:

  1. On his Soundcloud, DooF refers to himself as “lisp mouff.”
  2. It is impossible not to notice the fact that DooF has a speech impediment if you listen to him rap for more than 10 seconds.
  3. In spite of what you might, it doesn’t inhibit the young rapper. His flow is still sharper than most of his peers.

That last fact (and a brief e-mail debate with the better angels of my nature on the P&P team) ultimately played tipping point for whether or not I should post. With the languid fluidity of an Earl or Rejjie Snow and the clear influence of MF Doom (something shared by all three), DooF’s nonchalant verbal gymnastics–accompanied often by fittingly lo-fi jazz beats–are worth the price of admission; that he’s able to rap with impressive proficiency while dealing with a speech impediment (which occasionally makes him a bit difficult to understand, but never in a way that detracts from enjoyment or creates incomprehensibility–his recording set up is more of a problem than his lisp) is not only intriguing, it’s downright brave.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into DooF’s blunted rap-fest, the Virgina rapper has plenty of tracks and mixtapes for you to check out.

(The Up Turn )