Dead-beat wanderer turned lo-fi folk artist Joseph Childress follows in some pretty deep footsteps. Listing the likes of Jackson C. Frank and Jason Molina as predecessors, Childress is setting himself up as the next in line to assume the mantle of bluesy, desperate folk—and these analogies might not be too far off. His first release “Whispering Tide” earned him a comparison to Bon Iver in a recent P&P feature, and today we’re premiering his next single “Dance With Me.”

While “Whispering Tide” was all high-speed strumming and Dylan-esque sung-talk imagery, “Dance With Me” is much slower, nearly a waltz in speed and feel. Whether he knows it or not, Childress is channeling Yeats lyrically—the call for a weeping child to dance in spite of the world’s unspeakable horrors is one of those images that feels archetypal. Joseph’s debut album The Rebirths is out August 20 through Empty Cellar Records. For now, get a timeless dose of musical melancholia below.