Remember the funk-infused, uptempo “Platoon,” our first introduction to Jungle, which also came with a mesmerizing set of visuals? Well, here’s its counterpart. Pigeons & Planes is excited to premiere “Drops,” the perfect juxtaposition to “Platoon,” both of which will appear on the collective’s debut double-A single.

Wherein “Platoon” would have you moving your body to the infectious beat, the seductive, slow-burning “Drops” will have you wanting to take your dance partner to somewhere a little more secluded. The gentle instrumentals and the flirty snaps meld together with the playful vocals, resulting in luxuriously rich, sophisticated textures. If your first taste of Jungle didn’t have you looking forward to more from the band, “Drops” certainly will. Their double-A single will be released on July 15 via Chess Club Records. Check out “Drops” below.