In so much of the best pop, there is a sense of urgency. No matter how catchy the melody, no matter how much the music makes you want to escape reality for a moment, there is a clear sense of the right now that makes you want to hold on because you can feel it slipping away. These are the types of songs that you want to hit restart on before they even end, and Los Angeles band Smallpools—with one 4-song EP—have mastered that. The sound recalls Passion Pit’s first album with a little more of a human touch, so high-strung that it’s almost too much, but the key word is “almost” because once this EP ends, pressing play on track one is the obvious move, and by the time you listen to this whole EP, starting over from “Dreaming” is about the most rewarding thing you can do.

Get the EP on iTunes, and have a great summer.