In a relatively short span–it feels like “overnight,” but really it’s been about a year–British electronic quartet Rudimental has stormed UK dance and pop charts with singles “Feel The Love,” “Not Giving In,” and, most notably, “Waiting All Night.” They’ve teamed with up and comers like MNEK, Disclosure-collaborator Sinead Harnett, and Bipolar Sunshine, garnering love on the web as they maintain a foothold in the commercial world. Though certainly different from Disclosure stylistically, it appears that Rudimental is laying the groundwork a for a jump similar to that which the brothers Lawrence made earlier this year: Dominate the UK, win fans online, storm shores across the Atlantic.

As far as plays to win online and real life fans in the US go, recruiting Childish Gambino for a remix is a pretty good one. On “Feel the Love (Woz Remix),” Childish delivers one of his typically buoyant, tongue-in-cheek verses over brassy, 808-laden production–a nod to fast-paced 80s electro-hip-hop that playfully expands Rudimental’s formula. The result may not necessarily be what you’d imagine, but it’s a fittingly fun collaboration.