Really, the only bad thing about this song is the artist’s name. What sounds like an invitation to a kindergartener’s play-date masks the tribal, nearly primal sounds of a group that’s using loops and vocal harmonies in an ingenious, inventive way.

When I first heard the name tUne yArDs I thought it sucked too, but then I heard some songs and was immediately won over—this was a similar process, and, that’s the closest artist to compare Sarah Johns Music Party’s sound to. There is something childlike, almost juvenile about the pitch of her voice and the cadence of her phrasing, there’s an innocence to it.

Sarah Johns is from Leeds, UK, and her debut EP, also skillfully titled Sarah Johns Music Party EP will be released this coming Monday, July 8, and “Greenbud” in particular has garnered critical acclaim from The Guardian/Rough Trade, who selected it as part of their Tracks of the Week selections last week. The video is a trip to watch too, mixing blurred out images of her profile with a closer, clear juxtaposition of her face. Watch the video below and stream her whole EP here. Definitely haven’t heard anything in this anti-folk, stripped back vein for a while, and aside from my snide remarks about her nomenclature, I find this music really fascinating.