TiRon & Ayomari are two L.A. rappers concerned with bringing emotional subtlety back to hip-hop. They write about the everyday drama — what some would say are more relevant questions we, an audience that doesn’t put molly in our champagne every day, encounter. They released The Wonderful Prelude Pt. 2 last month, bridging the gap between a soon-to-be trilogy of EPs. You can listen to that here, but “Big Apple Don’t Chew” is one of the first listens to the duo’s next steps. It brings the disparity of their style and the images perpetrated corporate hip-hop, calling the gold watches of the “good life” into question.

The beat is borrow from Denaun Porter’s “Porter Chops Glasper”EP, a tribute to jazzman Robert Glasper. Tiron and Ayomari bounce back and forth between rolling R&B melodies and verses that recall the off-kilter rhythm infusions practiced by Binary Star and fellow Los Angelino Blu. “Big Apple Don’t Chew” feels like it was played live, just a piano and some brush-sticked drums dancing around the voices to create what is commonly referred to as a “jam.” Have a listen below: