We Are Scientists decided to blow off some residual creative steam after recording their latest album, and the result is a brand new 7-inch. “Something About You” is a large alt-pop track in the vein of radio-friendly Death Cab For Cutie. The song sounds like something Seth Cohen would have repped pretty hard. With a chorus full of big harmonies and dance-y drums, “Something About You” fully delivers if what you are looking for is a banger that might appear in the trailer of an indie rom-com. If ever there was an opportunity for you to play a song that would garner the phase, “Man, let’s get white person turnt,” this is it.

If you happen to be in New York City, We Are Scientists will be headlining Neon Gold’s Pop Shop tonight (tickets here). Enjoy the track below, and please, get “white person turnt” responsibly.