World’s Fair
, a New York Rap collective has released a new track featuring Nasty Nigel, Prince SAMO and Remy Banks who claim they’re never gonna make it. There’s six members total: Jeff Donna, Prince SAMO, Cody B. Ware, Lansky Jones, Remy Banks, and Nigel Nasty, but the latest song features just three of them. The lament of the song, which might be the one that proves them wrong, is a catchy, self-deprecating hook. The Queens group released the track today exclusively through Ashley Outrageous.

Bulletproof Dolphin produced the eerie, twisting track that trades buzzing saw-synths with a desperate cry of “you’re never gonna make it!” But the rhymes are too taunt to let this self-fulfilling prophecy come true, imagine that it’ll certainly flip and make this song an irony-heavy closer for the group in the future.

The group will be performing on July 20 in Williamsburg in an opening slot at Peterpalooza—a rap show curated by Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg—that also features sets by Odd Future, Schoolboy Q and Meek Mill. Check out their other recent release “96 Knicks” for more from the group or if you’re in New York, head over to Williamsburg later this month to catch them live.

(Ashley Outrageous/Stereogum)