Calling on her Native American heritage, Brianna Lea Pruett seems to capture the essence of a dusty, deserted landscape in her voice. “No Diamond Ring” recalls the kind of stark bareness of a desert or the crisp remoteness of craggy mountaintops, so it comes as no surprise that Pruett is willfully drawing on her family’s traditions in the music.

“There are songs that are in my family, that have been in my family for generations,” she told Bullett, who premiered the track. “We don’t know exactly who they came from, but we know they are from our family. I’ve copyrighted many of them and added to them as well, as folk musicians often do. My family several generations back lived in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, before the relocations of the Cherokee and Choctaw people. That’s Appalachian country.”

The essence behind the track itself is a denouncement of materialism and status symbols that infuse America’s current value system. The song is softly strummed but never loses a through-line of decisiveness, Pruett is comfortable working in a milieu that combines various cultural backgrounds and rural meanderings into a personal anthem. Stream it below and look for her full-length entitled Gypsy Bells out in October via Canyon Records.