“These n*ggas ain’t cold/These n*ggas ain’t lords either”

At this point in our journey with Ibn Inglor, the young Chicago rapper’s dark aesthetic has been firmly established. “WAXXX” may be the most biting, sharp records in Inglor’s increasingly impressive catalog, the happy crossroads of his considerable ambition and ability. Sounding energized, enraged, and charismatic as ever, Inglor anchors the confrontational chorus (lyrics above) in the sort of engrossing personal detail that elevates “the struggle” to breathing, lived reality: “Got kicked out of school cuz I don’t associate with them lames/But I got a free mac with Pro Tools, n*gga/Tell me what you got from yo’ school, n*gga/A piece of paper that burn easy.”

“WAXXX” hits and hypnotizes, the sound of Chicago winter in the summer. An exciting next step in the journey of one of rap’s promising voices.