Ever wondered what it would sound like if M.I.A. wrote a heartbroken love ballad? Well, this is probably as close as you’re gonna get. Posted to her Soundcloud with the tags “soft” and “lovers rock” and “break up songs,” Sri Lanka’s finest took to Twitter today to announce a new track , which may or may not be off her upcoming Matangi LP, set to be released November 5. We’ve already heard “Bring The Noize” and “Only 1 U,” but this new sound takes us in another direction entirely.

If “UNBREAK my Mixtape” is a love song, it’s a different kind of love. M.I.A. draws in two pretty disparate samples (Blur and Karen Dalton?? Whodathunk!) but the track slowly coalesces as it progresses. With a backbeat that sounds straight out of a KRS-One mixtape, gentle acoustic guitars (and that outro) sneak in to create something that, if not the chart-topper freakout she made famous, is an example of an artist trying new things, experimenting with her sound. And that ain’t bad.