After the release of their debut album Skyer a few months ago, Swedish outfit Postiljonen have been relatively quiet. They broke the silence today with a track that didn’t make that album—”When All the Wild Things Die” was recorded during the same sessions as the group’s album, but for whatever reason it didn’t quite make the cut. Now, it’s surfaced as an extra cut, something we can all be thankful for.

It has the same bottom-dropped-out synths and lead singer Mia Bøe’s vocals still have that weak-in-the-knees plushness, but if anything the song is slightly more subdued than, say, the dramatic saxophone-infused “Atlantis.

According to their Facebook page, this is one of the first songs that the group made together as a band, and in some ways, that newness shows. But not in an amateur way, more that their freshness is apparent on this song in a way that the rest of Skyer doesn’t always reveal. Stream it below and while you’re at it, stream the Scandinavian trio’s entire debut here, it’s well worth a listen.