“In a bedlam there is always beauty”

If 2013 is remembered for any one thing in pop music, it will be the resurgence of an oft-reviled genre as a dominant force on the web, the airwaves, and the charts. Through the powers of Daft Pank and Robin Thicke’s ubiquitous “Blurred Lines,” disco has made an unlikely but not unsurprising comeback, blending a certain level of warmth and nostalgia with the current, constant desire to dance.

While you probably won’t catch Melbourne’s Chela (who you might know from Goldroom’s “Fifteen”) doing the Hustle anytime soon, you will hear her using the better parts of disco and 80s synth-pop to craft something infectious and charmingly retro-leaning. New single “Romanticise” builds on an electronic bounce that would fit right in on a sunnier version of the Drive soundtrack. As the verse builds toward the chorus, wisely-chosen guitars and percussive touches add a little disco flare, giving way to the full-on dance-floor burner of a chorus. It’s a welcome addition to a year already packed with revivalist fun.

Chela’s Romanticise EP comes out on French label Kitsuné next Monday. You can pre-order it here, unless you live in the U.S., in which case you’ll have to wait your turn.