With “Electronic Relaxation,” Virginia rapper GoldLink signaled an intriguing level of unrefined talent, cohering at points into compelling pockets of rhyme, but still in need of the polish and focus that separates the Kendrick’s and Rocky’s from the rest of the pack.

With new single “On&On,” the developing emcee showcases more cohesive writing while maintaining his excitingly elastic flow and capacity for spontaneous melody (here a bit more measured). Borrowing a rich, R&B-tinged beat from producer Kaytranada, GoldLink again displays the energy and vocal flexibility that made “Electronic Relaxation” such an enjoyable, careening ride. Though fitting a specific mold–it wouldn’t be a stretch to hear a beat like this on a J. Cole record and the content, primarily concerned with the pursuit of women, seems part and parcel of this sort of sound–”On&On” plays as further proof of GoldLink’s potential, an indicator that he can channel his unique vocal control into something both immediately digestible and idiosyncratic.