Building on their nostalgia-heavy boombox-sway sound, producer Psymun and vocalist K.Raydio have released another collaboration with “Sirens.” This came out a few weeks ago, but with the blur of festival season I haven’t had a chance to post it until today. Although I don’t like it as much as “Flight,” the first track I heard the two work together on, it certainly continues the scope of their dreamy, stippled sound. Based out of St. Paul Minnesota, the two are part of a larger musical scene in that Minneapolis area that seems to be finally trickling into the mainstream (see: Pony Bwoy for example).

This track takes on heavy themes, addressing the ways that authority so often abuses its power and leaves innocent victims in its wake. The sirens that the song samples are sandwiched between K.Raydio’s effortless vocals and stop-and-go soul production that fits right into a slow and steady beat. Stream the track below and look for a full length album from the two (as yet untitled) some time in September.