UPDATE: Riff Raff’s supposed response was apparently nothing more than an epic troll. Flip through the images above to see yung Jody revel in his sneakery.

There are those have expressed surprise that someone of Riff Raff‘s creed and caliber has launched himself into the tidal wave of responses to Kendrick Lamar‘s verse on “Control.” What they don’t realize is that there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and rather than just rapping over an instrumental of Big Sean’s beat, Riff Raff has released a track all his own. It’s called “Ballin’ Outta Control.”

With little more than a melancholy trumpet, claps and rolling hi-hats, the dreadlocked grill-monster of the 21st century goes in as only he can — but don’t you dare call it a diss. “iTS A NEON RESPONSE TO THE WORLD TO LET EVERYONE KNOW WHO HAS THE BEST VOCABULARY & iMAGiNATiON iN THE RAP GAME, iTS NOT A DiSS,” said @JodyHighRoller himself. He even spreads love in the song itself: “I hope you have a beautiful family / and your label is successful financially.” That’s all Riff Raff wants Kendrick and this world to have: beautiful families and financial success. He seems to have gotten over his most recent legal troubles well enough, and is back focusing on whatever shiny object or reflective surface is in his immediate grasp. Stream “Ballin’ Outta Control” below: