Communion Records—the same label to give us the brooding of Daughter, the fearlessness of Deap Vally and the soul of Michael Kiwanuka, are putting out the forthcoming EP from funk-art-pop Brooklyn seven-piece Rubblebucket. Entitled Save Charlie, the album will be out on September 24, and the title track spark a comparison to their local peers San Fermin—veering horns and vocals so bright they illuminate the whole track.

Their trumpeter and band leader Alex Toth explains that the song is essentially a rework of a lost, prior version. “I had written a pretty different version of Save Charlie almost 2 years ago,” Toth said. “Then my laptop was stolen out of a bar in Bushwick and I lost it forever… Hopefully I remembered the cool stuff about it and forgot the bad stuff.” It sounds like he did—sometimes losing turns into a victory itself.