Details on Cut Copy‘s follow-up to the magnificent Zonoscope were finally released yesterday along with a new track from the Australian psych-rockers. Free Your Mind is due out November 5th on Loma Vista/Modular, but you can listen to the title track right now. It has a super tropical vibe that’s blended with the band’s hazy, romantic ambience, almost as if Rainbow Arabia had a musical child with Tame Impala. In fact, producer Dave Friedman, the man behind Tame Impala and MGMT’s recent work, did the final mixing for the track.

It’s a sunnier departure from Cut Copy’s usual stuff that might leave some fans warily stroking their chin hairs. It’s certainly a far cry from their recent “Let Me Show You,” but it’s always impressive when a band can move in such another direction, transfer their personality to that new place, and make it sound good on top of it all. Good things coming from these guys. Stream “Free Your Mind” below.