When your first encounter with a singer is a song called “Airy Me,” certain expectations arise.  If you’re imagining Norwegian death metal, your system isn’t properly calibrated. If you guessed “breathy, gauzy synth-pop,” you absolutely nailed it and your prize is breathy, gauzy synth-pop. On “Airy Me,” Japanese singer Cuushe delivered a gorgeous slice of glitch, accompanied by a stunning, fittingly imaginative animated video.

For her follow up (and the lead in to her new album Butterfly Case) “Sort of Light,” Cuushe explores a greater dance influence, her ethereal, hazy vocals married to a steady, pulsing beat and sparkling synths. It’s a heartier take on the floaty feel of “Airy Me,” giving a bit of well-placed grounding that elevates her sound to something softly anthemic. Listen below.