Sometimes, you want music that challenges you, forces you to use your brain to comprehend what’s happening and what it all might mean. Other times, it’s a sunny Saturday, you’re about to head out and look for a good place to drink sangria outside, and a simple, catchy pop song plays in the background, perfectly soundtracking that final moment of tightening your belt and spraying your apartment with one last touch of Cashmere Woods Glade.

Some heavy-handed percussion gives Scavenger Hunt’s “Lost” just the right amount of bite, but other than that it’s pure, well-executed pop with robust production and a melody strong enough to match.

Scavenger hunt is a duo of Venice, California comprised of singer Jill Lamoureux and producer Dan Mufson.

Dan Mufson is an established music composer from Philadelphia, PA, who has created music for countless television commercials. A native of Wichita, KS, Jill Lamoureux is both a jazz performer who entertains Hollywood elite, and the lead singer of folk duo Wing and Hollow.

Dan first heard Jill’s enchanting vocals while he was attending one of her shows at legendary Molly Malone’s in Hollywood, CA. The very next day Dan called on Jill to lend her vocals to an ad Dan was composing. The duo quickly realized how much they enjoyed writing together and decided to take their jingles a giant step further into full songs by starting a recording project. Thus, Scavenger Hunt began.

“Lost” is their debut single. Look out for an EP coming soon.