Yesterday, in the spirit of friendly competition, SAVEMONEY crew members Kami de Chukwu and Joey Purp each released songs simultaneously.

De Chukwu’s “Droptop Vision” is hypnotically woozy, turning the tempo way down and accentuating the rapper’s precise, syllable-stacking flow. Built on a deceptively twisted D’Angelo sample, it drips with psychedelic funk, pushing de Chukwu to choose his words purposefully, floating through conversations, pointed observations, and his typically imaginative wordplay. ¬† It’s an inspired freebie that won’t fit every mood, meandering music meant for late night zoning out.

Purp takes a different approach, grabbing a thumping, triumphant Thelonious Martin beat and matching it with appropriate levels of energy and irreverence on “Monologue.” It’s a bit more of straightforward than his companion’s offering, but Purp’s passion sells his boasts: “SAVEMONEY like a new religion!”

Stream “Droptop Vision” and “Monologue” below.