Ever since hearing him for the first time a few days ago, London artist Lukas Freeman has been the new obsession in heavy rotation. His electronic and pop sensibility blends with a hip-hop influenced approach to lyrics and delivery for dark, addicting results. There’s a little bit of Mr. Hudson in his vocals, but they’re more honest, more damaged, and each line cuts through the music instead of agreeing with it. Laid back beats break into disjointed flurries and simple melodies float over tumultuous production.

Lukas is the product of a kid who grew up on grime, garage, and rap but also appreciates less abrasive forms of art. “I was a grime MC on radio when I was 16,” he explains. “Quickly realizing I don’t want to be that guy because no proper girls like those guys, I got more into photography, culture, fashion. Now I want to make music with videos that feel real to me that I would be interested to hear and see, using grimy sounds and harsh truths, with London as a backdrop.”

Download his RoughLove EP, plus a bonus track, here.