Is pop music still pop if it’s been force-fed ayahuasca and passed through a blender?

The press release for Clarence Clarity’s “Alive In The Septic Tank” proclaims the track “another 3-odd minutes of contorted boom-bap pop, a wake up call to the arrival of a deranged, dervish of creativity.”

A difficult assessment to debate: “Alive In The Septic Tank” clatters along, taking turns between grating, buzzing curiosity and genuine pop craft, consuming genres in a vortex and spitting out something recognizable only as its own warped constellation. It’s an aggressive delight for the adventurous and a clanking perversion for the staid–an achievement on both fronts.

Clarence Clarity’s SAVE †HYSELF EP arrives on 9/17 and promises to deliver further chaos pop. Preorder it here or run fast for safety.