I first heard “The Foxes” through an email submission, but I didn’t give it much of a chance. Part of the reason is because in the email he said, “The track was inspired by TDE artist SZA.” I remember thinking, “Well shit, if you’re inspired by SZA maybe I should go listen to SZA.” I pressed play but moved on pretty quickly.

But Corduroy was persistent. He emailed again, he tweeted at @pigsandplans, he jumped up and down waving his arms and screaming, “LISTEN TO MY MUSIC.” Sharing this isn’t to make Corduroy seem desperate, it’s to get across his passion. He made this song “The Foxes” and he cares about it deeply.

I listened again. I like “The Foxes.” It’s good. I didn’t like it enough to post, and I told Cordoroy this, but this didn’t stop Cordoroy. After several back-and-forths, he straight-up asked what he could do to get posted. I told him to write 1,000 words on what the song meant to him and why he wants people to hear it so badly. That was a weird request, but if Corduroy cared enough to do it, why not?

At the end of the day, this is part of what Pigeons & Planes has set out to do from day one. We give unknown rappers (and all other artists) shots every week. The whole P&P team listens to submissions on a daily basis and the most satisfying thing about what we do is being able to introduce new music to our readers. With that said, here is Corduroy’s “Foxes” and 1,000 words on why it deserves to be shared.

Corduroy: Reasons Why “The Foxes” Should be Posted on Pigeons & Planes

NOTE: Some of this may sound as if I’m coming off as very cocky but I’m am not trying to be!

• I’ve been a follower/supporter of Pigeons and Planes for three plus years. I have seen and realized the positive things your blog does for many artist that gets posted on your site. For an example, Lorde I discovered her just by going on your site and I know others as well who discovered her just by going on your blog. I think if you support me and my music, I feel it can also give viewers a fresh new reason to come back and visit the site, seeing as I am a new unknown artist and Pigeons and Planes is going to give me the opportunity to be a part of site. Now I know I cannot guarantee thousands of new viewers but anything can happen right!?

• This song is inspired by an artist you support, SZA. My producer and I (Spacedtime Beats, from London, UK) linked up, sampled the song ‘Teen Spirit’ by SZA and took the energy we felt from the song and recreated our own energy just as dope. Yes I only got a small thank you from her, even though I was not asking for anything more, but I do feel me and Spacedtime did justice on this track.

• Another reason this should be posted. I’ve listened to a few of the bands on the site, some of the bands have more of an emotional feel in their songs. ‘The Foxes’ also haves a dark-esque feel to the song ( I am not trying to categorize the song here) there are parts of the song that pull you deep into the song, pull you out, and right back in giving you different feelings throughout the song. Also with the SZA sample I think it gives off a natural feeling to the song. That is also a good reason why I think it should be posted here, because I’m not trying to send you any mediocre song as it has more creativity to it.

• Lastly I think this post could be the future, If Pigeons and Planes post this you wouldn’t regret the content you will receive from me in the future. I am writing you a 1000 word post to try to convince you to support my music. I haven’t done this for any other blog. Why Pigeons and Planes, because I been following this site since I was seventeen I’m twenty right now and I never wrote a 1000 word anything in school. Your blog can actually change a musicians life if you didn’t notice that, now I’m not telling you to post my music so I can get rich and famous, but so I can apart of Pigeons and Planes like I always wanted to be.

In a weird awkward way I feel the backstory and the days leading up to me creating this is necessary to tell you about. After the beat was made I took the number Two train seven stops to Allerton Avenue to meet up with a close friend, fashion designer and painter, Jetmir. I would go to his house, his room is kind of weird because a bunch of his canvas paintings on his wall, lol. One that stood out was a painting with the word CUNT crossed out in paint, it’s odd but yeah. The reason I go to his house because he kind of like a Rick Rubin, just a lot less beard and skinnier lol. He also helps come with come concepts and productions with my music. Once he heard the foxes beat he thought it was one of the best instrumentals he’s heard recently, especially coming from me being that I’ve been in Vermont where there isn’t much creativity (no offense). He also actually got the idea to change the drums that was on the beat (since the old ones were irritating him). I wrote a few bars at his house, but I made sure that I took my time to get the best out of the first verse just for Jetmir since he is a very hard critic when it comes to music. When walking around Allerton we would run into ASAP Illz, the member in ASAP Rocky’s group. We talked to him about the song we were making, he gave me his number and told us to contact him when it was done, half of the time Illz was on Lean so we don’t know if he was even listening.

I feel like this was the best night we had recording the foxes. It was Ra Familiar, Brown Water John, Rashard, Justin, I all packed in Jetmir’s car. We went to HITM Productions which is ran by my Engineer O in Castle Hill in the Bronx. With a quarter of weed, mind you (I never recorded high so I didn’t know if this was going to come out any good). Three in the morning the final product of The Foxes came out far from what I expected. Everyone I showed the song too gave me great feedback from it (also from you). I also got to get my first post on Modernlifemag because they also thought the song was “Amazing”. Now I’m am not saying I’m the best rapper of all time or this song is the greatest song known to man, but I think this is a really dope song. It fits your blog and I think it can get good feedback. I just want you guys to support the foxes since I tried to give you many good reasons to post this song here. While you having me write this, I also thank you for helping me understand you see I have potential to get on your site and you want to see if I have enough passion or drive to get on your site. This writing also helped me understand that this is even more of a quality song I made (personally). One more thing I can say is I am the first person to actually do this to get on a blog.